Learning Centres such as Schools & Child Care Centres, can be made up of a variety of rooms &/or buildings that all have varying heating & cooling needs.

Classrooms, halls, gymnasiums, offices, canteens, all of these types of rooms have varying occupancy & different activities requiring the right type of efficient ventilation system(s).

In any learning centre, as in any work environment, a comfortable room temperature is essential for the productivity and general, well-being of students and staff.

Sun Heating has had many opportunities to design and construct ventilation systems for schools of all shapes and sizes.

The Australian Government Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan states;

provide optimised heating, ventilation and air-conditioning efficiency through well designed systems, that have ‘economy’ or fresh air cycles, which can be zoned, operated at part load efficiently and avoid Legionella risk (e.g. consider the use of reverse cycle heat pumps but be conscious of compressor noise)

With the increasing government pressure on schools to advance sustainability, ‘go green’ and become more energy efficient as well as cost effective, Sun Heating can assist with designing a ventilation system to heat and cool a new school, building extension, or an old ventilation system in an existing school building that is in need of replacement / upgrading.