Sun Heating & Cooling is acutely aware of our client’s concerns regarding on-going & future running costs.

Due to Sun Heating’s long term experience in the heating & cooling industry, Sun Heating has gained invaluable knowledge regarding running costs.

Sun Heating has been providing solutions from the early days of oil fired heating systems, the development & installation of solar systems to the current technologically advanced ‘inverter’ reverse cycle as well as gas & electric hybrid systems.

In selecting a system to suit your needs, Sun Heating & Cooling will discuss & take into consideration their clients immediate & long term needs regarding running costs.

Our personalised service on installation includes educating the client regarding how to optimise the running of their new system to minimise running costs.

Running Costs

Comparing running costs from different energy providers can be difficult as each provider uses a different measure.

For example;

What people may not understand is that different technologies can operate at varying efficiencies. For example, a simple electric heater / radiator runs at 100% efficiency whilst a high quality reverse cycle inverter air conditioner can operate at up to 400% efficiency. Therefore costing a quarter of the cost of the standard electric heater / radiator.


Similarly, gas heating systems can have energy efficiencies ranging from 75% to 95% depending upon the system design.