Within the current living standards of today, the exclusion of heating & cooling from any home could be likened to purchasing a new car that does not have air conditioning as a standard feature.

Whether your home is a small apartment/unit, simple family home, small heritage cottage ranging up to a large multi-level designer home, Sun Heating & Cooling’s extensive experience can assist you with selecting a system that suits your needs & budget.

So, if you are thinking about heating &/or cooling an existing home or planning to build a new home or renovate, Sun Heating & Cooling can make this process easy & hassle free for your family. 

New Builds

When designing your new home / premises, including heating & cooling from the very beginning of your plans can ensure that a system that suits all your needs & budget can be designed & installed.

The advantages of installing a heating & cooling system prior to the completion of your home / premises as part of the building project;

  1. Can be cost saving compared to installing a system once your home / premises is completed.
  2. Gives greater options to install heating & cooling to areas of a home / premises that would not be accessible once the building has been completed. 


A heating & cooling system can be designed for any existing home / premises regardless of the building’s age or design. Depending on the design & accessibility of the building, one type of system may not be suitable to heat & cool all areas of a home / building e.g. ducted system. A combination of different systems may be necessary to efficiently & cost effectively heat & cool a home / premises.

Being in business for over 40 years, Sun Heating has the knowledge & wide experience to design the best system(s) to heat & cool an existing home / premises. 


Nothing lasts forever & with rising energy costs old heating & cooling systems can be very costly to operate.

Replacing old systems with new technology will substantialyl reduce energy usage of any home / premises, plus provide all of the other benefits of the new technology systems e.g. low noise levels, more precise temperature control, zoning & timer control, internet / iphone / smartphone access.


Renovation is an excellent opportunity to either extend an existing heating & cooling system, upgrade or install a new unit whilst incorporating the system into the architecture of the renovations / extensions. 

Units / Apartments / Villas

These types of premises offer restricted options for heating & cooling due to limited space as well as possible strata / body corporate bylaws.

Being in business for over 40 years, Sun Heating has vast experience with assisting owners to comply with body corporate requirements to install heating & cooling systems into units / apartments.