Air conditioning of commercial & retail spaces has now become almost mandatory to comply with current work, health & safety requirements (WHS) plus customer expectations.

Sun Heating & Cooling has wide experience in all aspects of commercial, hospitality & retail air conditioning to obtain optimum comfort levels whilst considering running costs.

Where necessary Sun Heating can provide Certification for Compliance. 


If employees are not comfortable then their productivity decreases & absenteeism increases. 

Cafes / Restaurants

Hospitality establishments (whether a large restaurant or small cafe) must provide a comfortable environment to compete within their own industry to attract diners as well as comply with Food Safety Standards. 

Retail Shops 

When customers are not comfortable they leave the premises earlier than expected & often without purchasing affecting profits.

Retail shoppers expect the same level of comfort in a small boutique shop as within a large retail complex.


Warehouses can be used for storing a wide range of items. Often many items must be stored at prescribed temperatures & humidity levels to preserve the quality of the product. Or there may be a need to provide comfort conditions to a small number of employees in a designated area of a warehouse. 


Due to the relatively large space, design, construction materials, occasional heat sources e.g. vehicles, equipment, as well as activity levels within a with a factory, selecting the most appropriate type of heating & cooling system is very important to optimise efficiency & running cost. For example, a more appropriate system may be an evaporative cooler, as cooling only may be required instead of a reverse cycle system (ducted or split) that heats & cools. 

IT Server Rooms

Computer servers emit a varying amount of heat over their operating cycle. An air conditioning system that is capable of removing the total heat capacity of all the servers is required as a minimum However, it is advisable to take into consideration the future expansion of the servers when selecting the capacity of the air conditioner.