What Is ‘Air Conditioning’?

 A system that provides cooling, heating, dehumidification, ventilation & filtration.

What Is Reverse Cycle?

A refrigerated air conditioner that changes the direction of its refrigerant flow, flow can be ‘reversed’ to provide both heating & cooling.

What Is Zoning?

A ducted air conditioning  system distributes heated or cooled air throughout a premises / home, but if a motorised ‘shut-off’ damper (valve / flap) is installed into a branch of ducting that provides air to a specific room or a section of a premises, then that section or room can be closed off i.e. zoned. A system can have numerous zones. Each zone can be operated manually or automatically to customise the zone to its own time setting & temperature.

What Is Add-On Cooling Run On Gas?

This is non existant. The cooling is run by electricity. There are currently no viable domestic gas cooling systems available on the market in Australia. Just the heating uses gas to give the minimum running cost in winter, i.e. natural gas is cheaper than electricity.

How Often Should I Clean My Air Conditioning Filters?

Dependent on usage, but a minimum of every 3 months (4 x per year). However some commercial systems may require filter cleaning every month (12 x per year). Where filters are not easily accessible (e.g. located in ceiling space or on top of roof), the proprietor or home owner may be best advised to enter into a preventative maintenance contract.