Ventilation of healthcare facilities is heavily regulated by Australian Standards, NSW Health as well as the Australasian Healthcare Facility Guidelines.

Optimal heating and cooling in healthcare facilities is essential for patient / resident comfort as well as infection control.

Sun Heating & Cooling has had many opportunities to work with healthcare facilities therefore has a good understanding of the ventilation requirements that must be complied with for design, construction and preventative maintenance.

Sun Heating and Cooling is also aware of the increasing pressures on healthcare facilities to be energy efficient and cost effective as well as the many different designs of healthcare building – both old / existing and new.

No matter what type of healthcare facility e.g. acute care hospital, residential care, nursing home, day procedure unit, medical centre, diagnostic centre, Sun Heating & Cooling can design, construct, replace, repair and maintain a ventilation system to comply with all of the legislative, corporate, staff and patient / residents’ needs.


In a large & complex facility such as a hospital it is necessary to provide a variety of ventilation systems, more than would be the case for a single use building such as an office block. Hospital facilities are often made up of multiple buildings used for a wide variety of services, with varying ventilation needs according to the service.

The following requirements are essential when designing a hospital ventilation system;

Operating Theatres

Ventilation within an operating theatre complex is crucial for infection control. Specific room temperatures & humidity levels must be maintained to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Appropriate pressure differentials between rooms are used to ensure that air movement is from 'clean to dirty' areas. The correct number of air exchanges are required to ensure clean air circulates during & between each theatre case & High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters are required to clean the circulating air.  

Nursing Homes & Residential Care

Nursing homes / long term care facilities for both the young & the older population come in all shapes & sizes. Some facilities will be purpose designed & built whilst others will be large homes that have been converted in to a care facility. The level of care & types of services available to the residents also varies considerably between each facility.

Single rooms, shared rooms, dining rooms, activity rooms, lounge rooms, gymnasiums, hydrotherapy pools, kitchens, laundries, cafes, hairdressing salons, movie cinemas etc. Sun Heating can assist any care facility to design the best type of ventilation system(s) to suit the needs of the residents & the design of the building(s) as well as be cost effective.